happy birthday!

February 23, 2008

This week we celebrate a special birthday! Monica Lewinsky turned 34. Can you believe it? It seems like only yesterday she was crawling around the White House on her hands and knees, and putting everything in her mouth.

They grow up so fast, don’t they?


more people have been on the summit of Everest

February 22, 2008

Remember how Hillary claimed she had been named after Sir Edmund Hillary, even though she was 5 years old by the time Edmund Hillary climbed Mt Everest and became famous? Well, now you can learn the true connection between Hillary Rodham and Mt Everest.

Click here.

the number one issue for voters today

February 21, 2008

The Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

remember the alamo?

February 21, 2008

hillary’s alamo

dress Hillary for success

February 20, 2008

hillary clinton dress up game

Courtesy of Addictinggames.com.

Joke of the Day

February 19, 2008

Clinton issues Obama skeletons warning

Hillary Clinton argues that she’s scandal-proof after all her years in federal politics.

But Republicans, she says, will have a field day with relative newcomer Barack Obama if he becomes the Democratic nominee instead of her.

Dear Abby

February 15, 2008

My husband is a liar and a cheat. He has cheated on me from the beginning, and, when I confront him, he denies everything. What’s worse, everyone knows that he cheats on me. It is so humiliating. Also, since he lost his job six years ago, he hasn’t even looked for a new one. All he does all day is smoke cigars, cruise around and bull**** with his buddies, while I have to work to pay the bills. Since our daughter went away to college he doesn’t even pretend to like me, and even hints that I may be a lesbian. What should I do?

Signed: Clueless


Dear Clueless:

Grow up and dump him. Good grief, woman! You don’t need him anymore! You’re a Senator from New York running for President of the United States. So act like one!!!