there’s gotta be a way…

And Only Count the Votes of Left-Handed People! And Only Count People Who Lettered in a Sport in High School! And…

Bill Clinton on a call yesterday with supporters of his wife’s in Texas.

“Right now, among all the primary states, believe it or not, Hillary’s only 16 votes behind in pledged delegates,” said the former president, “and she’s gonna wind up with the lead in the popular vote in the primary states. She’s gonna wind up with the lead in the delegates [from primary states].”

There are 40 primary states and territories; 18 caucuses.

“It’s the caucuses that have been killing us,” Bill Clinton said. “We can still win this thing. We’re gonna have a big victory in Pennsylvania. It’s gonna change the psychology even further, but we need your help.”

Other ways Sen. Hillary Clinton could be the nominee through creative math:

* Only count Arkansas and the states that border it (except for Mississippi, Louisiana and Missouri);
* Only count the votes of people who have heard Chelsea speak in person;
* Ballots en espanol only;
* Nomination determined by who does better in NCAA pool.


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