Ronald Reagan’s son claims more ‘presidential experience’ than Hillary

“I’m indebted to Hillary Clinton for the revelation that my global wanderings when my dad was president qualify me to run for the presidency myself.

Mrs. Clinton has been insisting that her global junkets as first lady, and her meetings with foreign leaders, qualify her to be president of these United States.

I never thought of it that way, but if she is correct then I am eminently qualified to follow my father’s footsteps and take up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., not merely as a member of the president’s family, but as president in my own right.

Hillary, who even the media now admit will say or do anything to win election, is using her past as first lady to attempt to sell the American people on her expertise in foreign policy, a claim largely based on her travels during her husband’s administration and the fact that she met with world leaders while junketing abroad.

Well I’ll match my global travels and meetings with world leaders against hers any time, and I’ll come out on top.

As a member of the president’s immediate family I traveled far and wide, accompanied by an entourage of Secret Service agents, as are all members of a president’s family. And because I was the son of a sitting president, my presence in their country — no matter what the reason for my visit — was treated by their leaders as an official visit and I was accorded the treatment given to such official guests.

Moreover, I was present during times of crisis when momentous decisions were made affecting foreign policy. For example, I was in a suite in the Century Plaza Hotel when my father gave Attorney General Ed Meese the authority to order our military to shoot down Moammar Gadhafi’s aircraft in the Gulf of Sidra.

Following Hillary’s reasoning, that experience qualifies me as an expert of military matters relating to foreign affairs capable of knowing what to do in a moment of crisis.

Hillary’s widely-touted experience is not at all unique. Any member of any presidential family has had similar experiences but not one of them ever even suggested that their travel and meetings with foreign leaders qualified them to be president of the United States.

Nancy Reagan, for example, had far more experience than Hillary, but she was content to be the loving wife of a president instead of crowing about the famous world leaders she met in her eight years as first lady and claiming it qualified her to be president. Unlike Hillary, Nancy tells the truth.

3 Responses to Ronald Reagan’s son claims more ‘presidential experience’ than Hillary

  1. Shani says:

    Change your blog name to HILARI (ous) CLINTON UNPLUGGED đŸ˜‰

    Anyways, keep up the good work!!

  2. Shani says:

    My Father was the CEO so I qualify to be the CEO

    My Husband is a Pilot so I can also Fly a Plane

    My Father is a surgeon. I can very well do your surgery too

    My Husband was the Presdent, SO I might as well run the country too !!!!

    I have EXPERIENCE !!!

  3. thanks for the good words!

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