Shamelessly Hillary

She will stop at nothing to win the nomination.

Back on public display are Hillary’s marvelous shape-shifting abilities. Since the beginning of the campaign, we have seen shifts from the Commander-in-Chief Hillary to the teary Victim Hillary. But in just the last ten days, we’ve watched:

Hillary gracious: “I am so honored to be sitting on this stage with Barack Obama.”

Hillary resigned: “And you know, whatever happens, we’ll be fine.”

Hillary school-marmish: “Shame on you, Barack Obama!”

Hillary feisty: “I am in the solution business, my opponent is in the promises business.”

And Hillary exultant: “We’re going on, we’re going strong, and we’re going all the way.”

So in just a couple of weeks she’s traversed, far and wide, the emotional and behavioral map — even flirting with the notion of a highly unlikely Clinton-Obama ticket. In her Mississippi speeches, even her accent seemed to change, as she morphed from the blue-collar Ohio worker to the wife of the kind of guy who can host a fish-fry in Tupelo. (Wonder if Big Bill did his Elvis imitation for the hometown folks.)


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