Hillary: The New Comeback Kid… or rather, not

A little more than a week ago front pages across the country joined 24-hour news networks and the World Wide Web in declaring that Sen. Hillary Clinton had forged a dramatic comeback against Sen. Barack Obama in the race for the Democratic nomination.

I contend that’s not what happened.

But how could that be? Didn’t Clinton take three of the four states voting for nominees on March 4, including the two biggies, Texas and Ohio? Well, yes and no.

Clinton did win Ohio by a significant margin and as a result received 74 delegates to Obama’s 65. But in Texas, while Clinton did indeed win the primary, Obama handily won the caucuses which that state also uses to determine allocation of delegates. They finally ended up counting the caucus votes on Tuesday. When all was said and done, Obama had captured 99 delegates in Texas to Clinton’s 95. And, as the political analysts keep telling us, it’s all about the delegates.

In the other March 4 contests the pair split the small states, Obama taking Vermont. while Clinton won in Rhode Island. Add up all the delegates from the four races and Clinton walked away with 187 to Obama’s 181. That’s right, for all the hoopla and breathless talk of a Clinton revival, she gained only six delegates, according to figures compiled by CNN.

Since then Obama has won two more states — Wyoming and Mississippi — capturing 17 of the 28 delegates up for grabs. Put it all together and you find that since Clinton began her “comeback,” Obama has increased his committed delegate lead by two. There was no comeback.


2 Responses to Hillary: The New Comeback Kid… or rather, not

  1. jwbainum says:

    Actually, it was 99 delegates for Obama and 94 for Hillary. Texas has 193 delegates.

  2. jwbainum says:

    Furthermore, Wyoming had 12 pledged delegates ( 7 Obama 5 Clinton) and Mississippi had 33 (19 Obama 14 Hillary…although it seems it should be 20/13). Therefore, he got 26 out of 45 for a net gain of 7.

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