Aussie feminist Greer brands Hillary ‘cold, bossy’

Outspoken feminist Germaine Greer has rounded on US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, branding her as “cold,” “bossy” and “manipulative” while questioning her credentials for the top job.

Australian-born Greer, here to promote her new book, launched into the candidate, saying she was unappealing to feminists as her political reputation was largely due to her marriage to former US president Bill Clinton.

“I don’t like Hillary because she’s so bossy and cold and manipulative and stuff, and I don’t think having her in power is going to make any difference, basically, because she will have the same set of advisers,” Greer said.

“I can’t see that Hillary would appeal to feminists because, why is she there? She is there because she is Bill’s wife, and it’s a bit useless to pretend, ‘Oh, it’s because of her wonderful job as a senator,'” she told Australia’s Nine Network late Monday.

“I just don’t think it’s true. When she had a big job in government, she blew it,” said the British-based Greer, referring to Hillary Clinton’s work on health issues during her husband’s administration.

Greer, who has made headlines with provocative attacks on the likes of Diana, Princess of Wales and the late Australian “crocodile hunter” Steve Irwin, said she knew the Clintons personally.

She attacked the former first couple’s marital style, saying the pair enjoyed a “confederacy” or business partnership, rather than an emotional relationship.

“They give me the creeps, from that point of view,” Greer said.


One Response to Aussie feminist Greer brands Hillary ‘cold, bossy’

  1. exemployee says:

    Who the crap cares what an Australian thinks. She doesn’t live here in America does she?

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