Anti-semite among Hillary’s top fundraisers

Earlier this week, there was renewed reporting in the blogosphere about Mehmet Celebi, a film executive whose company, BMH Worldwide, produced the movie Valley of the Wolves. Here’s how the Jerusalem Post describes the movie: “American actor Gary Busey portrays a Jewish doctor in the American army who cuts out the organs of Iraqis at the Abu Ghraib prison and sells them to wealthy clients in New York, London, and Tel Aviv.”

Celebi is listed as a “Hillraiser” on the Clinton website, meaning he has raised more than $100,000 for her campaign.

When the New York Post first reported on the movie last month, the newspaper said a Clinton campaign official did not get back to them for comment. Renewed questions in the blogosphere, including postings on the political websites of ABC News and The Atlantic Magazine, produced this answer from Clinton campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson: “He will no longer be raising money for the campaign.”

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