another loss for Hillary

Barack Obama won overwhelming support from black voters today to crush Hillary Clinton in Mississippi’s Democratic presidential primary, the last time the two rivals will compete for six weeks.


One Response to another loss for Hillary

  1. earthsister says:

    Hillary has lots of expierence as a bistander to disater!! Oboma has exspierience working at the ground level for positive improvment, in chicago. Change for its own sake would be useless unproductive and destructive on both a national and international base. I am concerned that in order to leave Iraqu successfully without upsetting the seathing hot bed of terrist trained in real time will take extreamly carefull manuvering. Mckain does have military training but that seems to be it. What I think is very pertenant information , is who do the canidates wish to put in there cabinet. Who do they plan to put in there millitay advisory seat. No canidate has answered these questions. Our country our great country is in real need of true leadership. We failing as an economic power. Amercan students do not have progresive employment to look foward to after battling, recruitment tution and loans there needs to be real employment available. not to metion obesity and autism epidemics afflicting our youth. who will be a true leader?

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