Clinton: Hire me, please

Hillary Clinton is urging Ohio voters tonight to think of the election more as a hiring decision than a vote, saying the country cannot afford someone unprepared in the White House if crisis strikes.

“We don’t know what will happen,” she said to hundreds of supporters gathered in a gym here near the Ohio-West Virginia border. “That’s why we have to think about this decision more like a hiring choice than a voting choice. You know, you can vote for somebody or against somebody for whatever reason you want.”

The implication is clear: Barack Obama may excite voters, she’s suggesting, but should excitement be the reason you hire someone to be president? It’s a variation of the Obama-as-risk argument that Clinton and her husband have used on and off during the campaign, to evidently little effect.

“I hope you will decide you want to hire me for the toughest job in the world,” she said.

Considering the ineptitude of her campaign, she should consider finding out what a Senator actually does when not preparing for a presidential election. She’ll be stuck in her ‘dead-end’ job for as long as New York can put up with her.


One Response to Clinton: Hire me, please

  1. izzy99 says:

    I swear she is reading my stuff. I went to her You Tube channel to ask (via comments) (which they always delete, but someone must read) how she plans to garnish a waitresses pay. Sure enough there is a photo of her “taking orders” posed with waitresses and how she used to be a waitress and knows how to take orders and has done hard work.

    I have been asking people if they would hire her~and now she is telling voters what I said months ago?

    No I would not hire her. She may be a good attorney using words to free a rapist by painting the 12 year old girl as a child who “came on to” older men, but not the experience I want in DC. (lies, scandals, thefts, corruption)

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