still trying to ‘win’ Michigan

Hillary seems to have the annoying comediene vote wrapped up, but she’s still desperate to get votes from normal people. She can’t even remember which primaries are still pending and which disqualified delegates she needs to ‘requalify’ by changing the rules after the fact.

[Ellen Degeneres asked] Clinton how she could change the momentum in her campaign after 11 straight losses to Democratic rival Barack Obama.

“We’re going to win Ohio and Michigan,” Clinton said, then acknowledged she misspoke. “We’re going to win Ohio and Texas! I already won Michigan.”

Clinton has pinned the future of her candidacy on Ohio and Texas, both of which hold primaries March 4.

The New York senator was the only Democratic contender to leave her name on the ballot in Michigan after the Democratic National Committee sanctioned the state for violating party rules by holding its primary in mid-January.

The DNC stripped the state of all its delegates, rendering the primary outcome meaningless. But Clinton has pushed to have them seated at the party’s national convention in late summer.


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