Where Did All the Money Go?

Did this campaign have a budget? If not, why not? If it did, was it poorly constructed? Or did people running the campaign simply overspend? Anyway you slice it, the money mess throws into serious question her ready-on-day-one executive ability.

Clinton fired her campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, who was reportedly afraid to tell her boss the bad news about the squandered money. Lesson one for organizational disaster: A boss whose subordinates are scared to give her bad news. See Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam for what can happen.

Why was Doyle campaign manager in the first place? She had been a scheduleer and had never run a major political campaign. The gossip is that Doyle was the nominal campaign manager, not the real boss. Then why fire her?

Doyle has been replaced by Maggie Williams, a long time politico with a background in public relations and Hillary’s major domo during the Clintons’ White House years. Hers is a good resumé, but it does not include running a political campaign. But she is said to be a Hillary loyalist. In Hillaryland, loyalty and secrecy are prized over competence.


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