Why the Democrats Are Kicking the Clintons to the Curb

The ever eloquent Lorie Byrd, who I’ve been reading for years, has an amazingly concise article as to who Hillary Clinton can blame for her demise.

I believe there is a whole group of Democrats out there who are secretly enjoying being able to vote against a Clinton. They can take out their frustrations with the Clintons and still vote for a Democrat. For the first time in 16 years, Democrats can vote against a Clinton without having to vote for a Republican to do it.

Please read the whole story.


2 Responses to Why the Democrats Are Kicking the Clintons to the Curb

  1. precipii says:

    That is an interesting proposition. The antithesis, of course, would be the Republican who must vote for Obamie to avoid holding their nose and voting for a moderate. I don’t know that I buy it. Democrats have largely been defined by the Clintons. This is who people picture in the mind’s eye when they picture a democrat. I would even argue that Mr. Obama is really not that different from a Clinton. One might say (to paraphrase Willie) that Obamie would be the first black, white President. Now how’s that for confusion? I’m not convinced that the democrats, in spite of all the fainting and gesturing and gushing over Camelot, are really convinced they have their equivalent of a great, black hope. In fact, I would argue, there is as much static and confusion on their side of the fence as is alleged (by the muck-raking media, ala New Yellow Times) in the GOP.

    I suppose we shall see what we shall see, come November (if we are all still here).

  2. My opinion is that there are two very distinct factions in blue country these days. There are the older voters who equate the Clintons with winning elections. They also falsely attribute the economic growth of the 90s to Bill. Hillary, by extension, would bring back those glory years in the voters’ minds. This demographic (which my parents are firmly entrenched in) also still believe that the Clinton scandals were elaborately orchestrated by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Essentially, this group will eat anything Dan Rather feeds them.

    Then there is the other group of Democrats. They are young, half of them have never voted in an election. And none of them have ever known an election that didn’t have a Clinton or a Bush on the ticket. These potential voters are very anti-establishment. And guess who represents the establishment to them. Bush and Clinton. And rightly so. Obama is a “fresh start”. His age is a prime reason younger voters are attracted to him. Bill Clinton had the same appeal during his first national campaign. But Bill and Hillary are now 16 years older and far removed from anything hip. I do agree with you about Obama being a white black candidate. But I think that plays to his advantage. He is sort of the Tiger Woods of politics. He gets credit for being a minority, but doesn’t veer too far from the majority, at least regarding ethnicity.

    And then there is the other demographic that will help Obama. The conservative GOP’ers. They definitely do not like McCain, and for good reason. He was co-author of the unconstitutional Campaign Finance Reform law. He also panders to the biased media, mistaking their use of his conservative-bashing blather as being popular acceptance. But as he is now learning, it took only hours for the media to turn on him once he became the poster boy of the GOP. Expect that to only get worse. And expect conservatives to chuckle to themselves as they see him get what he has deserved for so long.

    I predict that true conservatives (and there are many more out there now than there were before 9/11) will sit this election out. They don’t have a horse in this race. And after the GOP disappointed them so much when they held control of the House and Senate, yet STILL managed to give the liberals everything they wanted, the red states will bide their time, and allow the democrats to do their housecleaning for them. Good riddance of the spineless republicans who betrayed them. And once the democrats have been in the White House and controlled Senate and House with disastrous results, the Republicans will be ready to step back in for another long stretch.

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