Q. How would Hillary run the country?

A. Straight into bankruptcy.

Clinton Donors Worried by Campaign’s Spending

Nearly $100,000 went for party platters and groceries before the Iowa caucuses, even though the partying mood evaporated quickly. Rooms at the Bellagio luxury hotel in Las Vegas consumed more than $25,000; the Four Seasons, another $5,000. And top consultants collected about $5 million in January, a month of crucial expenses and tough fund-raising.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s latest campaign finance report, published Wednesday night, appeared even to her most stalwart supporters and donors to be a road map of her political and management failings. Several of them, echoing political analysts, expressed concerns that Mrs. Clinton’s spending priorities amounted to costly errors in judgment that have hamstrung her competitiveness against Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.

“We didn’t raise all of this money to keep paying consultants who have pursued basically the wrong strategy for a year now,” said a prominent New York donor. “So much about her campaign needs to change — but it may be too late.”

The high-priced senior consultants to Mrs. Clinton, of New York, have emerged as particular targets of complaints, given that they conceived and executed a political strategy that has thus far proved unsuccessful.


3 Responses to Q. How would Hillary run the country?

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  2. izzy99 says:

    Food buys votes. A lady in one of those states already voted, saw both Obama and Clinton. She choose Clinton because she served food and Obama did not. Wish I could relocate the lady’s article and see what comment I made on it. That was exactly all I recall about it; her reason: food.

  3. and people (women, in particular) would vote for Edwards because of his hair.. this is why our founding fathers decided our country should be a republic and not a democracy

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