the S.S. Hillary takes on water

As Hillary’s likelihood of winning the democrat nomination flounders, herpledged superdelegates are bailing like rats in a waterlogged oceanliner.

A second New Jersey superdelegate has changed her allegiance from Sen. Hillary Clinton to Sen. Barack Obama and was joined by nine other southern New Jersey politicians today in endorsing the Illinois senator’s bid for the Democratic nomination for president.

In announcing her switch, Sen. Dana Redd (D-Camden), the vice-chairwoman of the State Democratic Committee, said, “It’s time to unite behind a single candidate and that’s Senator Obama. He will have won, by the end of this contest, more popular votes, more primaries, more caucuses, more delegates elected by the people and deserves to be our nominee.”

Redd is the second New Jersey superdelegate to back Obama after previously supporting Clinton. Last week, Democratic National Committeewoman Christine “Roz” Samuels became the first superdelegate to switch from Clinton’s camp to Obama’s.

Joining Redd in endorsing Obama was another New Jersey superdelegate, Democratic National Committeeman Donald Norcross, who previously was uncommitted.

“The performance of Senator Obama in Wisconsin and the Potomac primaries demonstrated that he has broad appeal across the political spectrum – men and women, young and old, white and blue collars, Asian, white, Latino and African-American,” Norcross said. “We need to seize this momentum, attract a new generation of leaders to our party, while rallying behind the candidate who can best unite the country during these uncertain economic times.”

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