hillary needs a shot…in the head

After 10 straight losses, many pundits are speculating about what Hillary needs to get her campaign back on track. Some say she needs to be more aggressive. Some say she needs to tone down her rhetoric. I say all she needs is a shot in the head.

Now don’t call the Secret Service to report a potential assassination attempt. I’m merely alluding to the plot of “Regarding Henry”, a 1991 movie starring Harrison Ford.

Ford plays Henry Turner, a despicable and ruthless trial lawyer whose life is turned upside down when he is shot in the head during a robbery. He survives the injury with significant brain damage and must re-learn how to speak, walk, and function normally. More importantly, he has also lost most of the memory of his personal life, and must adjust to life with the family that he does not remember. To the surprise of his wife and daughter, Henry becomes a loving and affectionate man.

Short of undergoing intense psychotherapy, a well-placed shot to the head could be the proverbial shot in the arm for Hillary’s campaign.

I’m just sayin’.


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