after losing Wisconsin, Hillary thanks… the marching band

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has gotten good over the last few weeks at fleeing a primary state she has just lost and trying to turn the page.

This time around, she did not even wait for the results to come in.

Instead, on Tuesday night, Clinton announced that she would give a “major address” in Manhattan on Wednesday morning and delivered what aides described as a “preview” here. It seemed clearly designed to be a pre-emptive strike against the news that Clinton had lost yet another primary race.

“Tonight I want to talk to you about the choice you have in this election and why that choice matters. It is about picking a president who relies not just on words but on work, on hard work, to get America back to work,” Clinton said. “The best words in the world aren’t enough unless you match them with action.”

Clinton, who has lost more than a half-dozen primaries since Feb. 5, once again did not congratulate her rival as his victory in Wisconsin became official. She did not even acknowledge that voting had taken place that day, instead thanking the high school marching band.


2 Responses to after losing Wisconsin, Hillary thanks… the marching band

  1. bertconvy says:


    If we’re really really luck when she loses the whole thing she will follow suit and leave the country for good taking the rapist and chief with her.



  2. we would never be that lucky. I believe that once she realizes she can’t win a national election, she will focus on maximizing her damage to the senate. Of course that means she will set her sights on becoming Majority Leader. I believe Nancy Pelosi understands this already, and plans to set up a coalition. That explains why Nancy is being rather quiet about this election so far.

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