It takes a liar…

hillary and the children

While researching material for this blog, I have become overwhelmed by the high percentage of stories that, with just a little extra research.. literally, a few mouse clicks.. reveal flat out lies by Hillary. Sure, all politicians lie, we say. But at what point do we start to be concerned.. maybe when 30 percent of EVERYTHING that person says can be quickly and clearly disproven?

Take this story, for example… I planned to use the headline for Hillary’s famous “It Takes a Village” book to start this post. It is common knowledge that Hillary borrowed a classic african proverb as her title, but I wanted to learn a little more about it, in the same way that I try to learn a little about every Hillary news article before I link to it. While there was nothing unusual about Hillary’s use of the title, save from the socialist theme it presents, I was lead straight to yet another bold-faced Hillary lie.

Ghostwriter controversy

Clinton has been criticized for not giving credit to a ghostwriter in connection with It Takes a Village. The majority of the book was reportedly written by ghostwriter Barbara Feinman. When the book was first announced in April 1995, The New York Times reported publisher Simon & Schuster as saying “The book will actually be written by Barbara Feinman, a journalism professor at Georgetown University in Washington. Ms. Feinman will conduct a series of interviews with Mrs. Clinton, who will help edit the resulting text.”

Feinman spent seven months on the project and was paid $120,000 for her work. Feinman, however, was not mentioned anywhere in the book. Clinton’s acknowledgment section began: “It takes a village to bring a book into the world, as everyone who has written one knows. Many people have helped me to complete this one, sometimes without even knowing it. They are so numerous that I will not even attempt to acknowledge them individually, for fear that I might leave one out.” During her promotional tour for the book, Clinton said, “I actually wrote the book … I had to write my own book because I want to stand by every word.” Clinton stated that Feinman assisted in interviews and did some editorial drafting of “connecting paragraphs”, while Clinton herself wrote the final manuscript in longhand.

This led Feinman to complain at the time to Capitol Style magazine over the lack of acknowledgement. In 2001, The Wall Street Journal reported that “New York literary circles are buzzing with vitriol over Sen. Clinton’s refusal, so far, to share credit with any writer who helps on her book.” Later, in a 2002 article for The Writer’s Chronicle, Barbara Feinman Todd (now using her married name) related that the project with Clinton had gone smoothly, producing drafts in a round-robin style. Feinman agrees that Clinton was involved with the project, but also states that, “Like any first lady, Mrs. Clinton had an extremely hectic schedule and writing a book without assistance would have been logistically impossible.” Feinman reiterates that her only objection to the whole process was the lack of any acknowledgement. A 2005 Georgetown University web page bio for Barbara Feinman Todd states that It Takes a Village was one of “several high-profile books” that she has “assisted, as editor, writer and researcher.”

I personally am ambivalent about the argument that ‘it is about time for America to have a female president.’ I couldn’t care less what the gender is of our Commander in Chief. I am much more concerned that the leader of our nation has a firm and consistent record of integrity.

I also feel that a person’s integrity isn’t shown by large gestures, but rather is apparent in the small everyday occurances that often go unnoticed. An example would be of the diner who is polite to the waitstaff during the meal and tips beyond the prescribed minimum after. Giving credit where credit is due, and humbly stepping aside and allowing an underling to accept praise when it is warranted is something we could use more of in our society.

But lying to steal the credit for another person’s work shows nothing but a maladjusted psyche and an overambitious mind. This is not a person I would recommend for any elected office, much less the highest in our land.


2 Responses to It takes a liar…

  1. izzy99 says:

    Hillary needs psychiatric evaluation. I thought Bush was a megalomaniac but she has him beat. It seems all I have been hearing since Bill got elected was Hillary was going to be the first woman president. Bill screwed up and as far as I am concerned that is the end of them.

    What is so great about having a female president? For me they have qualities of empathy, compassion and ability to use diplomacy to solve problems. Like, gee, if I send our youth over to Iraq and authorize cluster bombs, maybe I should make sure they are not bombing civilians, because, gee, I know how I would feel if…

    Or a woman should lead to peace. They can manage money better~okay I am off on stereotypes. Anyway, Hillary is unstable and although every one says she is smart, she seems rather dumb to me. Every time she insults Obama she is insulting the very people she works with who have endorsed him.

    She should have bowed out gracefully before she made such a total arse out of herself.

    I do know AA females who like her and hate him. I see Clinton’s “shame on you” Barack Attacks to be too much like white mistress to slave or in later years maids and butlers. Disgusts me.

  2. Hillary is a shrewd politician. Yes, politicians exaggerate and take full credit for things they have small roles in (Al Gore invented the internet!)… unless that thing goes horribly wrong (George Bush was lied to about WMD by scapegoat Donald Rumsfeld, Ronald Reagan was lied to about Iran-Contra by Oliver North, etc.) This is called real-world politics. It’s not pretty and it’s often rather ugly. Exaggerations do not equate with LIES, however. I much rather have Clinton as POTUS than chronic liar Donald Trump (or inexperienced Jill Stein, or slow-witted Gary Johnson). Trump not only has no experience; he also has no desire to learn. He believes he knows everything already and is THE BEST at everything. Yet he knows so little, except how to get the poorly educated and the White Supremacists foaming at the mouth against every other politician in the nation. And he does so by spreading propaganda and outright lies. One of the things he does is calling Clinton “guilty” and “a criminal” when she has been investigated and cleared repeatedly. If you or I was the target of such rhetoric, we’d be suing him for libel, as there is still a little thing in the free world called “innocent until proven guilty.” It is NOT the other way around, as Trump and his supporters would have you believe with their judge-jury-executioner chants of “Lock her up” and “Hang the witch”. It is downright terrifying how much these Americans sound like officials in Turkey who have rounded up and detained over 32,000 of their soldiers and citizens without trial. Who knows how many they have “disappeared”…

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