how quickly they forget

Am I the only one who has a memory that goes back two full years? Apparently nobody in the mainstream media can remember that far back. Take Hillary’s 2006 re-election bid for senate, for example.

A strong majority of New Yorkers want Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to commit to serving a full six-year term if she wins re-election next year, according to a poll released yesterday.

Clinton — who is widely believed to be planning on running for president in 2008 — made that pledge when she first won office in 2000, but she hasn’t done the same for her possible second term in the Senate, which would continue to 2012.

The Quinnipiac University poll found 60 percent of those questioned said Clinton should promise to serve out her full second term, and it revealed a bare majority of voters — 51-41 percent — don’t want her to run for president in 2008.

Even 65 percent of Democrats said she should pledge to serve six years if she’s re-elected.

Here we are, not even two years after that poll, and her constituents are now supporting her in the primary. Maybe they’re just anxious to get her out of their state?


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