live tv waits for no man.. or hillary

Memo to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: You can’t be late for live television.

Clinton was tardy Saturday to a satellite feed from Tucson for a live broadcast of an MTV candidate forum — forcing the surprised hosts to fill nearly 15 minutes with chatter and interviews with the studio audience.

Clinton, the fourth candidate to appear, started her segment with an apology to MTV’s young viewers, members of a demographic group that has been a large part of Obama’s constituency.

“We had a lot of problems to get here,” she said.

This reminds me of when I personally attended a Bill Clinton rally in 1996. It was held in a public park that was fenced in for crowd control. But in order to give everyone access, there was no limit to the attendees, which created a literal standing room only situation. It also happened to be held on Labor Day, with a temperature of around 90 degrees.

Bill’s flight arrived right on time, but he appeared at the podium three hours late. In the meantime, I watched at least 4 people in the crowd collapse and had to be carried out of the park by parademics, raised over the heads of the other attendees who were packed in so tight that they couldn’t move out of the way.

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