Hillary unplugged

Here’s an interesting post about Hillary’s view (or maybe ‘use’ is a better description) of religion

I don’t know Hillary Clinton personally, but I, for some reason, don’t get the feeling that she’s a particularly spiritual person. I would think that if she ever had a sizable problem, she would go straight to her cell phone and call a cadre of lawyers, political advisers and PR experts to immediately embark on “damage control” as opposed to falling on her knees in prayer.

Perhaps, she utters Sydney Blumenthal’s name when she needs “divine” inspiration.

Or maybe, she used to… BEFORE his January 7th arrest. Always remember: you can’t spell “I’m drunk”…without the letters “D-U-I”.

As far as religious affiliations are concerned, Hillary Clinton’s bio indicates she’s a Methodist.

OK…fine. I’ll buy that.

Again, I don’t know the woman Hillary Clinton is, but I don’t like the politician she has become. I think ALL politicians are glad handers, they’ll say whatever they have to to advance their agenda, but in my opinion, Hillary has carefully honed deflection, transference and rationalization to a fine art.

Still, I wonder about the woman. I wonder what she’s like when the camera isn’t on her, when she’s alone, in private–away from her constituency, the pundits and the pollsters.

Having done some research on Hillary, I think I can shed some light on the woman Hillary really is when the cameras are turned away.

Where is Socks now?

Hillary thanks Bill’s rape victim for her support

Hillary’s regard for the people assigned to protect her

Hillary and Bill.. and his other women

Hillary the gracious hostess


One Response to Hillary unplugged

  1. izzy99 says:

    I have a bit of an idea what she is like off camera; stuff you have already posted here, that I read elsewhere. I guess it all depends upon how one views Iraqi children, babies and mothers. Yeah, the men too. If you think they are human beings, much like me at the mercy of their leaders, you might tend to cry your heart out for what our troops are doing to them. If you consider these defenseless people as “the enemy” the body counts do not touch your very soul. Hillary belongs in the second category.

    As does her female supporters. Sexist of me to say, but men have been heartless forever. I expect more from females. I do not belong to any religious organization. Religion, in my mind is man-made.

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