Oops! Diebold Voting Machines announce November election early

February 28, 2008

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early


The Hillary Clinton Myth Unravels At Last

February 28, 2008

Dan Calabrese at the North Star Writers Group sums up Hillary’s experience better than I ever could.

There are people who scheme to protect their own political viability because they have earned the right to. Hillary was not one of these. For her, the viability was for its own sake. So was her candidacy.

What was its rationale? What has she ever accomplished? You can’t cite much in her Senate career, but even if you could, you’d have to acknowledge that she decided she should be president before she ever got there.

The spectacular failure of Hillary’s campaign is not that big a surprise. Puffed up well beyond what she deserved, protected from any serious competition or criticism, how could she possibly be expected to be prepared the first time she had to deal with the real political world?

She resorts to whining, shrill outrage and the release of unflattering pictures of Barack Obama because she has nothing else. The whole Hillary mythology was empty. She’s not smart. She’s not tough. She’s not capable. She’s not even formidable enough to make it as a second-rate county politician, let alone presidential material.

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Clinton: Hire me, please

February 28, 2008

Hillary Clinton is urging Ohio voters tonight to think of the election more as a hiring decision than a vote, saying the country cannot afford someone unprepared in the White House if crisis strikes.

“We don’t know what will happen,” she said to hundreds of supporters gathered in a gym here near the Ohio-West Virginia border. “That’s why we have to think about this decision more like a hiring choice than a voting choice. You know, you can vote for somebody or against somebody for whatever reason you want.”

The implication is clear: Barack Obama may excite voters, she’s suggesting, but should excitement be the reason you hire someone to be president? It’s a variation of the Obama-as-risk argument that Clinton and her husband have used on and off during the campaign, to evidently little effect.

“I hope you will decide you want to hire me for the toughest job in the world,” she said.

Considering the ineptitude of her campaign, she should consider finding out what a Senator actually does when not preparing for a presidential election. She’ll be stuck in her ‘dead-end’ job for as long as New York can put up with her.

Texas two-step could trip up Clinton

February 28, 2008

As if things were going bad enough for Hillary’s campaign, a review of the Texas delegate allocation procedures appear to favor Obama.

Bubba says, “If you elect me…”

February 27, 2008

Make no mistake about it.. Bill Clinton believes he is running for office again..

See his speech here.

Let’s send him back to the golf courses where he can help OJ look for the real killer.

secretly recorded phone conversations with Bubba up for sale

February 26, 2008

Gennifer Flowers is putting the tapes of her recorded conversations with Bill Clinton during their 12-year affair on the auction block, Vegas Confidential learned Monday.

Flowers, who came forward during Clinton’s 1992 Presidential election campaign with details of the relationship, said she decided to part with the tapes after renewed interest surfaced. She was offered $5 million by a Japanese collector in the 1990s, she said.

Asked about the timing of her announcement coming out as Hillary Clinton continues to slide in her presidential bid, “I don’t need to hurt Hillary. She is doing a fine job of that herself, along with her idiot husband. Karma is an interesting thing. If these two don’t get elected, and they are a team, it will be karma coming back to visit them. It’s about time.”

When President Clinton denied the relationship during his presidential campaign, Flowers called a press conference played what she said were secretly recorded phone conversations.

“These are the tapes I brought forth as proof,” she said.

Flowers, who lives in Las Vegas, sued Hillary Rodham Clinton, George Stephanopoulos, James Carville and other, accusing them of orchestrating a campaign to discredit her. Carville and Stephanopolous claimed Flowers doctored the tapes.

Flowers, 58, said she has kept the tapes “very safe all these years and I just recently received more interest and I said ‘why not?’

“I certainly would enjoy the money for my future security. I don’t have any guarantee what might be coming,” she said.

Flowers is also exploring a new book with “explosive story additions to the Clinton affair,” her publicist Bruce Merrin said in a release. The book “ill contain a special item which must remain a protected secret until the book is published.”

still trying to ‘win’ Michigan

February 26, 2008

Hillary seems to have the annoying comediene vote wrapped up, but she’s still desperate to get votes from normal people. She can’t even remember which primaries are still pending and which disqualified delegates she needs to ‘requalify’ by changing the rules after the fact.

[Ellen Degeneres asked] Clinton how she could change the momentum in her campaign after 11 straight losses to Democratic rival Barack Obama.

“We’re going to win Ohio and Michigan,” Clinton said, then acknowledged she misspoke. “We’re going to win Ohio and Texas! I already won Michigan.”

Clinton has pinned the future of her candidacy on Ohio and Texas, both of which hold primaries March 4.

The New York senator was the only Democratic contender to leave her name on the ballot in Michigan after the Democratic National Committee sanctioned the state for violating party rules by holding its primary in mid-January.

The DNC stripped the state of all its delegates, rendering the primary outcome meaningless. But Clinton has pushed to have them seated at the party’s national convention in late summer.