Hillary muzzles Bill

Reporters covering Bill Clinton have noticed a much more subdued tone coming from the former president in recent days.

Gone is the Bill Clinton on display in South Carolina who went on the attack against his wife’s chief Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.

Gone too are the lengthy freewheeling discussions with voters, the constant references to his White House record, and the flashes of temper directed at the news media.

The Clinton campaign appears to be trying to keep Bill Clinton tightly on message while he campaigns across the country for his wife in the lead up to the crucial Feb. 5 multi-state contests.

Yesterday he only spoke for 31 minutes barely mentioning himself and today he seemed to be doing his best to focus on his wife’s candidacy.

They’re also keeping him as far away from the press as possible. So far away, in fact, some reporters covering the former president are having trouble hearing what he’s saying to supporters as he shakes hands along the rope line.

That’s led some to speculate that Bill Clinton, who was acting as his wife’s chief attack dog — has been muzzled.

I personally would suggest a choke collar for that dog.


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