black like me

The self-proclaimed ‘first black president’, Bill Clinton is losing his grip on the black vote at a time when it might very well cost him another chance to get into the White House.

Once considered unshakeable, black voters in South Carolina voted overwhelmingly for Obama, leaving Hillary Clinton staggering, yet again. First it was in Iowa, and now in the Deep South, where Hillary’s former president husband was thought to be a favorite son. More important: while Obama gained 80 percent of the black vote, he gained 20 percent of the white vote at a time when many pollsters believed he would only earn 10 percent.

That shift can be attributed to the genuine credibility of Obama’s message of change and the sheer transparency of one of the most basic of Clinton political strategies — playing the race card.

“Blacks have mistaken Clinton’s ease with them as a sign of his good trustworthy character, when in fact Clinton’s racial politics are among the most destructive among recent presidents, precisely because they depend on an exploitative duplicity,” Dyson wrote in 2000. “When it benefits him, Clinton reaches out to blacks; when it hurts him, he withdraws the hand of racial charity.”

Dyson went further, saying Bill Clinton “is willing to turn every speck of black familiarity into a political advantage and hold black folks hostage to a corrupt racial politics that says, in effect: ‘I’m all you got, so take me or lose progress.’”


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  1. izzy99 says:

    One black woman wrote putting the Clinton’s into a larger perspective of the black experience in the US. I think it is something that abused woman and children can relate to. You get so used to being abused that when someone is nice to you, you melt and accept the “candy” they offer. The candy in the Clinton’s case is in the way of money to a Harlem group (I read about that one, but do not recall the details) It is like they hold all the power, and you get used to accepting crumbs from their table and considering yourself, um, blessed.

    The odd thing is our votes are secret. There are no hard facts of the black vote, just estimates based on exit polls. I did my own unscientific research after SC. The only county Obama lost in is 89% white by 2000 census demographics. Hillary came in behind Edwards who won with 45% and 26% of the vote went to Barack at last place.

    That does not tell me what ethnic group those 26% of voters belong to. Did the 11% of non-white eligible voters outnumber the 89% of white voters to gain the 26% for Obama? The Clinton’s have made their bigotry known across the USA and they have indeed turned off some African/American voters who have swung over to the Obama side, based on people I know personally.

  2. izzy99 says:

    PS: I found it interesting that Toni Morrison who was the first to dub Bill “America’s First Black President” and says she has never endorsed a candidate before has endorsed Obama.

  3. very interesting! I’ll see what information I can find about Toni.. thanks!

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