the 8th ring of hell belongs to Hillary

Despite Hillary Clinton’s surprising win in the New Hampshire primary, discontent remains the order of the day in “Hillaryland,” according to an article in the liberal New Republic.

“For all of Team Hillary’s gifts, it is not known as a happy group,” Michelle Cottle writes in the magazine.

“‘I’ve never seen a campaign where everyone feels so bad about themselves,’ says one campaign staffer, echoing others.”

That feeling was palpable the morning after Clinton’s defeat in the Iowa caucuses, when a “sad and sorry Team Hillary” gathered for a conference call with the candidate, Cottle relates.

After Hillary came on the line, message guru Mandy Grunwald tried to spur conversation by asking staffers if they had any thoughts. No one spoke. After a pregnant pause, Hillary began talking for a few minutes about the campaign. Again, silence.

An angry Hillary finally snarled: “This has been very helpful talking to myself” — and hung up.

Read the rest here.


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