slumming with the Clintons

hillary posing with Tony Rezko

Rightpundits couldn’t explain it any better…

Who knew that the Clintons hang out with shady real estate characters?

Rezko is the real estate developer named by Hillary Clinton as having close ties to Barack Obama. That spectacle of hypocrisy occurred during the Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina, video below. After Obama dropped the well-timed line that Hillary was on the Walmart board of directors while he was fighting for underdogs, Hillary fired back about Obama doing legal work for Tony Rezko the Chicago “slum lord.”

Why Obama did not follow Hillary’s example and lose his billing records is a mystery, but this time honesty was the best policy. Hillary just got her hand caught in a cookie jar full of campaign contributions.

Since the story broke of the Clinton’s ties to Rezko, Hillary has developed a case of amnesia:

“I don’t remember meeting Rezko,” she says sheepishly. “I probably have taken hundreds of thousands of pictures. I don’t know the man. I wouldn’t know him if he walked in the door.”

Find Hillary’s explanation on the Today Show here where you can note the giant American flag in her small office space with assorted other props.

Sorry Hillary, a picture speaks a thousand words. While you may not remember him, nobody gets their picture taken with Bill and Hillary Clinton without doing them favors. So what did Tony Rezko do for the Clintons to deserve this photo?


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