even the blind are starting to see

Lately, though, the Clintons have really begun to wear on me. First, it was Hillary playing games with Martin Luther King’s memory. That Sean Wilentz is sticking up for her interpretation only deepens my skepticism about Hillary’s intentions. And not because Wilentz is a bad historian.* But anyone who claims he’s not a proxy for the Clintons** hasn’t been paying attention. Next, it was Bill dragging himself through the muck and then popping back up with an expression of righteous outrage on his face when anyone would dare to question his methods. Finally, we have this: Hillary trying to reinstate the delegates from Michigan and Florida.

Perhaps a little research into Hillary’s past on the part of the blogger can move him in the direction of real change and honesty in government.


One Response to even the blind are starting to see

  1. izzy99 says:

    The very first thing I thought when I heard Obama speech is “he sounds like JFK~’ask not what your country can do for you…’ “. When I listened to Hillary blab on about how Barack is comparing himself to JFK, it got on my nerves. When she continued to disrespect Dr. King and all those who died in the fight to demand basic human rights by giving LBJ all the credit “it took a president to get it done” I became so angry I wrote an article “well, I am hurt by that comment” about her Goldwater Girl years and questioned where her heart is today. (Goldwater’s slogan was “In my heart, you know I am right.” and he was one of 5 who voted no the 1964 Civil Rights Act).

    One of my peers who always sends me private messages, but never leaves a comment, left a very nice one on that article. He is an African/American and firm Republican and not all that impressed with Obama. I saw a slight shift in his thinking due to the article. That Hillary and the press tried to blame Obama for “playing the race card” when she herself was responsible for it truly distressed me.

    I will be glad when Feb 5 results are in, so I will know if the voters are voting to oust liars or taking a chance on the new kid on the block.

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