fool me once, shame on me…

… fool me twice, shame on you

Since Hillary’s crocodile tears worked magic for her in New Hampshire, her campaign has dropped the ‘change’ slogon (which was really helping Obama more than Hillary anyway) and is now embraced good old fashioned fake emotion. She’s dredging up past issues that she was previously trying to bury so deep that it required a backhoe.

Hillary Clinton said in an soul baring interview aired Friday she never doubted her husband’s Bill Clinton’s love for her, despite the former president’s infidelity with a White House intern.

Exactly a decade after the Monica Lewinsky affair was first reported, the former first lady candidly revealed how she worked through the inner torment it caused, as she battles Barack Obama for the Democratic White House nomination.

“I really had to dig down deep and think hard about what was right for me, what was right for my family,” Clinton said on the Tyra Banks talk show on Fox television.

“I never doubted Bill’s love for me, ever, and I never doubted my faith and my commitment to our daughter and our extended family.

Yes, her new found sensitive side is a drastic change over the personality that her aides and coworkers have known for so long… here is an example of the not so compassionate Hillary of yesteryear.


2 Responses to fool me once, shame on me…

  1. bacalove says:

    More and more people are tired and turned off by staged polititcians – like the answers given the other night at the deabe–Hillary’s greatest weakness is how much she cares for the people. Edwards also gave a phony answer which seemed more about his compassion than a weakness. GIVE ME A BREAK! Politicians who give these contrived and phony answers are more concerned about themselves and not about you, the people. They are not trying to connect with you in any meaningful way, but trying to manipulate you — by staged and phony answers, Washingtonian Answers.

    In this era of the Greening of America, people are moving toward a more holistic way of living: organic foods and household items free of pesticides and chemicals, more effecient appliances to aid in the cleaning up of greenhouse gases among other things, solar and wind — clean energy. However, we also want more Efficient and Cleaner Politicians. Ones we can believe in and ones we know are speaking to us, not at us, who are not trying to control and manipulate the us, the masses, for their own personal gains. That’s how we get into wars by politicians who go along to get along for their OWN PERSONAL GAIN and not concerned about the degradation of what will happen to You, the Planet, and — to the PEOPLE! I am hoping that Barack Obama will be a a different kind of candidate, the candidate of our hopes and dreams and in truth and integrity. It is hard against these forces of materialism, lies and spin.

  2. well said… I agree that our yoounger generations are much more sophisticated and aware of this phoniness and are significantly less tolerant of it… these happen to be the same people who are voting for Obama

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