how about another glass of koolaid?

It’s amusing, yet disturbing, to read other blogs and see what people think of hillary rodham.. take this one, for example..

Hillary would have been an incredibly strong candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2000 even if Monicagate had never happened because she built a solid record of accomplishment over her entire adult life. As First Lady, she led the health care battle in 1993, traveled the world as an advocate for women’s rights, and helped her husband become the first Democrat since FDR to win two terms in the White House.

First, there is the notion that hillary actually accomplished anything with her fiasco known as HillaryCare. That was as successful as 80 percent of the dot com startups during Bill’s administration. A flash in the pan and out of business before the letterhead was delivered from the print shop. Hell, if that’s all it takes to be considered a success, I ought to rewrite my resume to remind people that I was CEO of a lemonade stand when I was 7. The fact that the stand closed after 40 minutes with zero profits because Sesame Street was about to start wouldn’t make any difference to that voter/employer.

And she travelled the world as an advocate of women’s rights? I guess the fact that she was travelling abroad might account for why she produced nothing in the USA to help women. Sure, she was active with certain women… she made damn sure Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Sally Perdue, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick would have no credibility, career or quality of life in order to keep Bill out of harms way. And why not. After all, each rape and sexual assault story was clearly generated by that vast right wing conspiracy that nobody had heard about until Hillary spoke of it.

But it is true that Hillary did everything in her power to enable her rapist and philandering husband to retain his power, even though it went against everything she said in her earlier years about Richard Nixon, a man who committed lesser crimes than her husband, who is now a convicted felon.

However, I will agree with one thing the original blogger said in regards to Chris Matthews’s criticism of Hillary..

So Chris, do your goddamn homework and stop lying about Hillary’s record.

I also wish Chris Matthews would do his homework and stop lying about Hillary’s record. The truth would make every sane person wonder why she isn’t already in prison.


One Response to how about another glass of koolaid?

  1. izzy99 says:

    I get sick to my stomach when I read comments on her You Tube channel videos. Are they seeing the same person I see? I do know if she were Martha Stewart she would be in prison not running for president, but hard to prove bought judges to rule in one’s favor. (either by money or loyalty)

    This is actually the first campaign that I looked at wives of candidates. I already know Bill. That is due to Hillary constantly bringing up her White House experience making her more qualified than any to be Pres. True spouses can influence and I do like Elizabeth Kucinich, but do not think conservative America is ready for a just turned 30 for First Lady. I understand that Elizabeth Edwards is also a good lady, but I was not considering Edwards. Michelle Obama, now her I can relate to. With NOW dissing females who are not voting Hillary, I think they have overlooked Michelle.

    Michelle or Bill for true feminists? No contest in my eyes.

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