vote early and use Diebold Voting Machines

It might come as a shock to some people — the same people who believe in the Easter Bunny, but who don’t believe in Easter — but some people in our world think that Hillary’s win in New Hampshire was rigged. Any day now we’ll start hearing chants for a recount and voters being disenfranchised. Oh wait, those voters got their wish this time, so they’ll be the first to stomp back any dissenters.

The Europeans can clearly see what the majority of Americans refuse to see ~ we still have a flawed election vote counting system and Hillary Clinton’s ” miraculous ” New Hampshire primary victory, where 81% of the vote was tabulated by a highly suspect electronic vote counting system with no oversight and audit, is solid evidence of it.

Also, election Officials Confirm that Employees from LHS Associates, Diebold’s Sole Programmer, Vendor, and Service Provider in NH, Were Allowed to Access Vulnerable Optical-Scan Systems Throughout Election Day Diebold Voting Machine Failures Found Across State During New Hampshire Primary.

And according to THIS source….

– Two hand count towns reported “zero” votes for candidate Ron Paul to the media, even though they did have votes for him. The town of Sutton reported zero, but had 31 votes; the town of Greenville reported zero, but had 25 votes. The two towns had misreported results affecting exactly the same candidate in exactly the same way.

– Results in many locations arrived up to four hours late on Election Night, surprisingly, from machine-counted locations — not hand count locations;

– A single private entity had control over coding for every memory card in New Hampshire. According to the contract for LHS Associates, this firm requires a right of access to any voting machine at any time, services the machines, maintains the machines and handles repairs, replacements and troubleshooting on Election Day.

– Ken Hajjar, a key employee of this sole source private entity, LHS Associates, has a criminal record for narcotics trafficking. The state of New Hampshire knew of this conviction but approved the contractor anyway. According to a complaint filed with the New Hampshire Attorney General, Hajjar had called the Dan Pierce radio show in 1999 and threatened to rig an election.


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