it ain’t kosher

Bob Johnson joins HAMTM (the Hillary Attack Machine).

Hillary Clinton, who had told Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” earlier on Sunday morning that if someone on her staff engaged in personal attacks against Barack Obama that person “would be gone,” failed to take action or to distance herself from the founder of BET when he launched such an attack.

Campaigning with Sen. Clinton in South Carolina yesterday, Bob Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Network, raised the specter of Barack Obama’s admitted drug use as a teenager but the senator neglected to repudiate the remark when she spoke on the same platform with Johnson or afterwards as she campaigned throughout the day.

Johnson went over the top when he said “And to me, as an African-American, I am frankly insulted that the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues since Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood — and I won’t say what he was doing, but he said it in the book — when they have been involved.”


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