crack just happens

Barack Obama’s campaign has dismissed as not believable a prominent Hillary Rodham Clinton backer’s “tortured explanation” for seeming to inject Obama’s youthful drug use into the 2008 presidential campaign, and called it “troubling” that Clinton has not done more to distance herself from the remark.

Former President Bill Clinton was drawn into the controversy on Monday in appearances on black radio talk shows. He told one host, Roland Martin, that impolitic remarks by supporters sometimes “just happen” in politics and said, “I think it’s important not to overreact to them.”

Obama has admitted in his memoir to using drugs as a young man, and Hillary Clinton has said personal attacks using that information are off-limits. Except they keep coming, in what are now at least three direct or indirect drug references from top Clinton surrogates in recent weeks.

I find it particularly noteworthy that Bill Clinton shows a great deal of restraint and patience when fielding questions raised about his own staff, and that of his wife. However, his view that it’s ‘just politics’ is forgotten when he and his own are the brunt of the rumors. The Bill Clinton temper tantrums are well known in media circles.


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