Hillary Clinton: An Unfair Advantage

Another woman’s view of Hillary Clinton’s exploitation of gender… see Hillary Unmasked for more gems.

I’m not sure how many people are going to say this after all of the headlines today but….how many other presidential candidates would be welcome on The View tomorrow? Probably none. Voting for Hillary because she is a woman is about as stupid as watching CNN to get an unbiased view of the news.

She was on the woman’s show to try and woo homemakers and those more feminine voters (who probably can’t think for themselves) while trying to portray a less masculine image. None of the other presidential candidates, certainly none of the conservative candidates, would be welcome on the show to pathetically pander as Hillary has done.

Should we give her “quota” points simply because she is a female? HELL NO!!! She has done nothing to promote women’s rights other than encouraging manipulation, perjury and murder to conceal a dissatisfied husband’s infidelity.

Once again…thanks, but no thanks. We would find a better president in the rat that scratches around in my garage than in Hillary Clinton.


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