Bill to the rescue

Fed up with the ‘unbiased’ media giving favorable press to Obama instead of his wife, the impeached ex-president comes to Hilly’s rescue. The Moderate Voice explains all.

Some campaigns switch into crisis mode.

Some campaigns slip into offensive mode.

The Clinton campaign has seemed to slip into victim mode.

The press has indeed piled-on Hillary Clinton — but they will usually do that when a candidate stumbles. Each news outlet looks at what the other is doing and tries to match it or do a better job with a new twist. It’s nothing insidious; it’s the way the news business works.

It’s a shocking development, but the Clinton campaign is increasingly resembling a Dr. Phil program with a little Jerry Springer mixed in. It’s shocking because, for politicos of both parties, the Clinton camp has remained the gold standard for political campaigns in terms of professionalism, organization and effectiveness.

Now what do you see?

Hillary Clinton finds it so hard — and tears up (an event greatly exaggerated by the mainstream and new media). And Bill Clinton sucking up most of the oxygen and media attention that his wife DESPERATELY needs, to turn the campaign into centering on how his wife is being treated and how much he clearly dislikes Barack Obama. It is now literally not a matter of Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama but Hillary and Bill Clinton against Barack Obama.


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