tears of a clown

We all know the story… the attractive woman who gets pulled over by a police officer for going 50mph in a 35mph zone. As soon as she sees the lights in her rearview mirror, she readies herself for the act. As the officer approaches her car, she thinks of the worst thing that has, or could ever, happen to her. Perhaps the death of a loved one.. or the cancellation of her credit card (yet another stereotype). And by the time the officer knocks on her window, the sniffling begins and the eyes are teary. In the story, the ruggedly handsome officer can barely look her in the eye as he fumbles for an apology for pulling her over. The woman is given a verbal warning and then speeds off to meet her girlfriends for the latte she is now 30 minutes, rather than 20, late for.

Yes, that’s a stereotype. Perhaps it happens, but I doubt many women are inspired by that scenario. And police officers become more jaded every time they hear that sort of tale, and are less likely to show compassion even when it’s warranted.

So why does Hillary, who is making speeches regularly on the theme of ‘breaking the gender barrier’, try to pull off a stunt that is so demeaning to women everywhere?

Does she think that resorting to tears will make us think “now there is a woman who should be leading the world’s only superpower” after losing one primary?


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