sell Hillary short

Being no stranger to selling short, Hillary watched her own value drop faster than she could say Norman Hsu. But unlike previous situations where Hillary’s pocketbook always seemed to get harder to close after market fluctuations, this is a case where it could cost her millions. That is, if you consider the benefits and lucrative deals that would be attached to becoming the first female president.

Currently, Hillary Rodham’s market value is at 17 cents on the dollar at Rasmussen Trades. Hell, even old man Potter was dealing at 50 cents on the dollar in Bedford Falls.

But there are many who think fortunes are still to be made between now and January 8th, when it is predicted that Hillary takes third place a second time (can you say that three times fast?).

Maybe since Hillary thinks we should do nothing for our own retirement plans, that selling her short is our path to retirement. Thanks for taking one (big one) for the team, Hillary!


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