boo hoo, Hillary

Only a day after a New Hampshire campaign headquarters was the center stage for a hostage situation, Hillary felt herself held hostage by an unappreciative crowd in Iowa.

Her cool reception turned frigid when she took real questions from real citizens (probably a first for her at a campaign stop). Her response to a question about amnesty for illegal aliens prompted boos from the small throng of people.


One Response to boo hoo, Hillary

  1. izzy99 says:

    Is the DNC corrupt? I did a search for “blogs DNC corrupt” and you came up. I just read that Edwards dropped out of the race, which means I lost all hope for integrity in the White House. The Democrats are left to choose between war and peace, known lies and seemingly integrity, hatred and love, dictatorship or freedom…

    ….voting thus far tells me people think a man who would constantly betray his wife and lie under oath to the Supreme Court is an acceptable role model for our youth as First Man in the White House. It also shows that most people do not know the truth of why we illegally invaded Iraq; that the majority of people who have voiced their opinion are voting to invade Iran and put the USA in peril of a united global attack to squash the bully USA terrorists.

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