insider trading? who me??

“I was lucky.”
Hillary turned $1000 in cattle futures into $100,000 in under 1 year. By comparison, $1000 invested in Microsoft in its first year of public trade, would have garnered less than $36,000 in eight years.

“There’s no evidence of that. No, I don’t really believe that.”

“The conclusion was that, like many investors at the time, I’d been fortunate.”
The brokers who arranged Hillary’s cattle futures trades were prosecuted for conducting the same exact sort of trades as the ones Hillary claims involved no illegal activity.


2 Responses to insider trading? who me??

  1. […] used half of what she made to shut the media up. but it happened… about ten years ago she turned $1,000 into $100,00 on some innocent factory farmed beef cows in less than a year. she should have been sharing a cell […]

  2. […] And, of course, the Clintons and the Obamas have other little perks that honest people don’t have.  When Bill Clinton was elected as the attorney general for the state of Arkansas, his wife Hillary immediately got hired by the Rose Law Firm.  And when Bill was elected governor, suprise, suprise, Hillary suddenly made partner.  And there was that $1,000 Hillary turned into a hundred grand inside of a year with the painfully obvious benefit of insider trading tips. […]

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